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Concentrated yogurt, such as Greek, skyr and labneh, are gaining popularity around the world

With YOFLEX® you will be able to create healthier and tastier Greek-style yogurt with a deliciously thick and creamy texture. It can be produced using two different methods:

  • The most commonly used method is to concentrate the yogurt after fermentation by mechanical separators, such as nozzle or quark separators or by ultrafiltration (UF).

  • The other method is to concentrate the milk by UF and/or by addition of milk-protein powder before fermentation. Thus, the requirement for the culture depends on the technology used.

For separated yogurt, parameters such as fermentation time and post acidification are very important, due to the fact that yogurt is kept at 40–43°C for up to 5 hours while being concentrated. Furthermore, it is important that the texture created by the culture is smooth and allows for an efficient separation of the yogurt.

Fortified yogurt requires cultures with high acidification activity that can ferment in a high-protein milk base. As the protein level in the final product is lower than in separated yogurt, it is important that the culture provides good mouth thickness and gel firmness. The yogurt flavor of the culture is especially important in fortified yogurt, as it may cover possible off-flavors from the milk powder.

A specially designed culture for Greek type yogurt is our SoGreek, with original cultures isolated from Crete for authentic, yet modern, mild, high-protein yogurt. Contact our local sales and marketing representative for our recommended YOFLEX® cultures for concentrated yogurt.