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The new yogurt

Make any flavor possible! YOFLEX® ACIDIFIX® provides the ideal base for any flavor you can think of

Market challenge

People’s taste standards are changing and they look for new and improved taste experiences. Consumers want real food and global food trends are challenging the existing market understanding, shifting the criteria for success towards healthy snacking options throughout the day. Real food to consumers is convenient, healthy and tasty all at the same time. Additionally, an increased number of consumers are looking to try new flavors and types of cuisine. Key words are clean label, wholesome, healthy snacking, savory, and different.

Dairy benefits from an already established image of being naturally healthy for consumers. Making dairy products more exciting with innovative flavors, and fit for on-the-go consumption, can help dairy manufacturers capture market trends and explore new business opportunities.

Chr. Hansen’s solution

YOFLEX® ACIDIFIX® is the only culture that creates a mild yogurt base whose pH remains stable throughout shelf life, keeping flavors intact. Be innovative and adapt to market trends with “The new yogurt”.

Catch the eye of the consumer with exciting and new flavors in a convenient and healthy format. 

Our new culture helps you broaden your offering and attract new consumer groups through presenting unique and untraditional flavors. With inspiration from other food industries, you can bring new flavors to your yogurt offering. Examples are the juice, granola bar, or ice cream industries, where flavor variety is much greater than for yogurts. 

Main benefits of YOFLEX® ACIDIFIX®

  • Infinite flavor possibilities

  • Unparalleled pH stability

  • Flavor stays the same throughout shelf life.