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Superior pH Stability

Improve quality and shelf life with the superior pH stability of YOFLEX® ACIDIFIX®

Market challenge

Post acidification is one of the most typical quality defects of a yogurt. In a Chr. Hansen customer survey, 80% of respondents agreed that fixing quality defects due to post acidification and flavor changes would have an impact or a great impact on their business.

Chr. Hansen’s solution

YOFLEX® ACIDIFIX® is the only culture to provide stable pH from production to expiry.

A yogurt with stable pH during shelf life provides a variety of benefits across the value chain.

Consistent product quality throughout shelf life will lead to increased consumer preference. The possibility to extend shelf life1 will reduce scrapping, optimize logistics, or expand market reach. There will be less of a need to add sugar to compensate for increasing acidity during shelf life. Less sugar means greater nutritional value.


Main benefits with YOFLEX® ACIDIFIX®

  • Stable pH throughout shelf life
  • Possibility to extend shelf-life1
  • Possibility to reduce sugar content

Shelf-life extension only possible when pH/acidity is the limiting factor for shelf-life