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BIOPLUS® YC contains a combination of highly-selected strains of Bacillus subtilis DSM5750 and Bacillus licheniformis DSM5749, that were specifically chosen for their ability to control Clostridium perfringens proliferation and the availability of nutrients from feed. Numerous trials showed that BIOPLUS® YC improves flock performance with demonstrable economic benefits.

BIOPLUS® YC reduces the risk of Necrotic Enteritis

In a broiler study, daily feeding of BIOPLUS® YC resulted in improved performance, with significantly reduced Necrotic Enteritis lesion scores at 42 days of age. The combination of highly-selected strains of B. subtilis and B. licheniformis competitively inhibits the proliferation of C. perfringens and improves the stability and function of the GI tract. (Virginia Diversified Research Corporation, USA, 2016).

BIOPLUS® YC improves nutrient digestibility and enables the use of our Flexible Feed Formulation concept

The two highly-selected strains of BIOPLUS® YC produce a variety of digestive enzymes that act to improve the availability of nutrients in the digestive tract. In a male turkey trial, daily feeding of our double strain probiotic in a diet with an energy reduction of 50 kcal/kg and protein reduction of 0.5% resulted in performance that did not differ from that of the control group at 123 days of age (France, 2016).

BIOPLUS® YC improves immune responsiveness

Daily feeding of BIOPLUS® YC was shown to significantly improve the efficacy of vaccines, such as those for Newcastle or Gumboro. Under stress from pathogenic Salmonella, the highly-selected strain of Bacillus subtilis found in BIOPLUS® YC increased antibody titers of the aforementioned vaccines in broilers (A.A. Sadeghi, et al., 2014, Probiotic & antimicro. Prot. DOI 10.1007).