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Workplace responsibility

Chr. Hansen's performance is driven by the creativity, dedication, and passion of our employees. Maintaining high employee satisfaction is a key priority and important for our business. We are committed to providing the best possible conditions for our people to develop and thrive.

  • Above industry benchmark

    Employee satisfaction and motivation above industry benchmark in every survey

  • Below 3 per million

    Lost- time incidents below 3 per million working hours by 2015/16

  • 80%

    80% of corporate management teams to meet diversity criteria by 2019/20

Employee growth & development AbrirCerrar

As a knowledge-based company, Chr. Hansen is highly dependent on committed and motivated employees. Their knowledge and experience comprise the core competencies of our business. Dedicated employees add value through greater dedication, higher productivity, creativity, and an increased sense of responsibility. We work continuously to improve the employability and job satisfaction of our people by developing their skills and knowledge. 

Read more in our People, Knowledge & Organization Policy.

A diversity strategy to win the war for talent AbrirCerrar

Chr. Hansen recognizes the importance of a diverse workforce in delivering better business results and ensuring access to talent. The Board of Directors has approved a set of long-term objectives on Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) with a focus on gender and nationality. The objectives apply to the Executive Board and to top management and employees in key positions. In addition, specific initiatives have been outlined to ensure further integration of diversity and inclusion into Chr. Hansen’s policies, processes, and culture. 

Read more about our Diversity & Inclusion Objectives.

A journey towards health & safety excellence AbrirCerrar

Ensuring a safe and healthy work environment is a key priority for Chr. Hansen. Over the past few years, we have increased the focus on safety awareness at all organizational levels with the objective to reduce the number of occupational accidents. Realizing that accidents rarely happen due to faulty technical installations, we are implementing behavior -based safety programs at our global production sites to prevent injuries and increase awareness. To date, more than 1600 employees have been trained, and we are pleased to see that the number of accidents has decreased. 

Read more about our Position on Health and Safety.

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