From light to delightful: New ripening culture to change the game in reduced-fat cheese

From light to delightful: New ripening culture to change the game in reduced-fat cheese
Press Release | Dec 21. 2015 12:27 GMT

Chr. Hansen launches Delight™, a 3-in-1 solution to eliminate bitterness, restore flavor balance and give a smooth texture in cheeses with reduced calories.

Today’s consumers lead high-paced lives with little time for exercise, which prompts the demand for low fat alternatives in their daily diet – including parents looking for healthy snacks foods for their children.

This is also seen in the cheese market, where lower fat cheese is becoming a factor in demand – the number of new product launches in the hard cheese segment has increased by 33% from 2012 to 2014 (Euromonitor International 2015).

High consumer interest – if it tastes good!
However, eating cheese with less calories can be a disappointing experience. A flavorless sensation of rubber in one’s mouth has often been the result when natural fats are reduced, leading to moderate commercial success for cheese producers that wanted to pursue the opportunities within reduced-fat cheese.

Consumers, however health-oriented they may be, are unwilling to compromise on taste. According to Euromonitor International 2015, over 50% of consumers globally would buy reduced-fat cheese, if the quality was better.

Indeed making reduced-fat cheeses of premium quality can be a challenge, but now a new ripening culture from Chr. Hansen hits the market, specially designed to keep the character and bring out a clean taste and a rounder flavor in reduced fat cheese. With the new F-DVS® Delight™ culture, producers of lower fat cheese can go from light to delightful, ensuring consumers a creamy feel and a pleasant solubility in their mouths.

Healthy, indulgent cheese
“We believe Delight™ can be a game changer in reduced-fat cheese. In fact the culture allows cheesemakers to produce reduced-fat cheeses with a taste and texture that no experts thought possible and that is why we believe we have created a true novelty in the cheese landscape. It is targeted at producers who wish to meet the increasing demand for healthier, yet indulgent cheeses,” concludes Anne-Claire Bauquis, Global Marketing Manager, Chr.Hansen.

  • Delight™ is the name of a Lactobacillus helveticus culture that brings unique benefits to reduced-fat Cheddar and continental cheeses.
  • Contrary to many ripening cultures, Delight™ does not have a side effect on curd acidification, which opens the door to new areas: Mold soft cheese, blue cheeses, cheeses with high residual sugars or high water content can all be inoculated with Delight™ without risk of post-acidification.
  • Delight™ is a trademark of Chr. Hansen A/S.

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