Puestos vacantes

¿Le gustaría trabajar con nosotros? Consulte la lista de puestos vacantes en Chr. Hansen Holding A/S.

As of 4th of June 2018 we have changed to a new HRIT system. Vacancies posted before
June 4 2018 are in the local HR portals, and vacancies posted after are in the global portal. 

Vacancies posted after June 4 2018: New HR portal

Vacancies posted before June 4 2018: Jobs in USA & Jobs in Germany

Job agent

We strongly encourage you to create a job agent. This gives you the opportunity to be proactive in your job hunt and write a relevant application to an open position.
Please note that if you have created a job agent before the 4th of June 2018 you will need to create a new one in our new HR system. 
Job agent (Global)