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GALLIPRO® contains a highly-selected strain (DSM17299) of Bacillus subtilis, that has been proven to improve the availability and absorption of nutrients from feed. In research trials, daily feeding of GALLIPRO® at the label dosage was shown to increase metabolize energy of standard and test diets. Compared to control groups, birds on GALLIPRO® were heavier at market and had a lower feed conversion.

Daily feeding of GALLIPRO® improves the availability and absorption of nutrients and enables the use of our Flexible Feed Formulation concept

In a broiler trial, daily feeding of our highly-selected strain of Bacillus subtilis in a reduced energy diet (up to 4%) resulted in overall performance that was similar to the control groups at 42 days of age. (D. Harrington, M. Sims, et al, 2015, J. Appl. Poult. Res. 0: 1-11).

GALLIPRO® improves immune responsiveness

Daily feeding of GALLIPRO® was shown to significantly improve the efficacy of vaccines, such as those for Newcastle or Gumboro. Under stress from pathogenic Salmonella, the highly-selected strain of Bacillus subtilis found in GALLIPRO® increased antibody titers of the aforementioned vaccines (A.A. Sadeghi, et al., 2014, Probiotic & antimicro. Prot. DOI 10.1007).