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Jesper Brandgaard

Vice chair

  • Born October 1963
  • Danish national
  • Board member since 2017 and Vice Chair since 2018
  • Member of the Audit and Nomination Committees
  • Independent


Positions and management duties

  • Chair: Leo Pharma A/S (Chair of the Remuneration and Nomination, and IPO Preparedness Committees), DK. 
  • Vice Chair: William Demant Invest A/S, DK. 
  • Member: William Demant Fonden and the Advisory Board of the private equity company, VaekstPartner Kapital, both DK. 
  • Director of JBR Counselling ApS and member of the Danish Committee on Corporate Governance, both DK.


Main competencies

Global business management, strategic operations and governance. Finance & Accounting and Investor Relations. Business development, M&A and alliance management. Global manufacturing and logistics of ingredients for the pharmaceutical industry. IT security.



Mr. Brandgaard holds an MSc in Economics and Auditing, as well as an MBA, both from the Copenhagen Business School, Denmark.


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