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Whistleblower hotline

Chr. Hansen has a whistleblower hotline that enable officers and all employees of Chr. Hansen, including temporary, permanent and contract employees, customers, suppliers, business partners and other stakeholders to report any observations of or reasonably suspected violations of applicable law, Chr. Hansen policies and procedures or other serious concerns such as unethical misconduct.

The whistleblower hotline is meant for violations of applicable law, breach of Chr. Hansen policies and procedures or other serious concerns such as:

  • Unlawful activity
  • Financial crimes (examples include fraud, credit card fraud etc.) or securities fraud (insider trading, bank fraud, money laundering, forgery etc.)
  • Bribery or corruption (examples include excessive sponsorships or donations, excessive gifts or unlawful facilitation payments or conflict of interest)
  • Tax concerns (e.g. concerns of Chr. Hansen’s tax management not being handled in a lawful or ethical manner)
  • Environmental pollution
  • Serious non-compliance of occupational health and safety
  • Violence and harassment
  • Violation of competition laws
  • Other activities, which otherwise amount to serious improper conduct (e.g. discrimination, use of child labor and human rights violations).

Concerns relating to individual employment terms or workplace matters should be resolved locally, unless such matter is serious as described above, or cannot be reported through the normal reporting lines. 

How to report

Employees who have serious concerns are encouraged to discuss such matters with their direct managers or other managers or relevant supporting functions such as local HR, local Finance Manager, Global IT, Legal Affairs etc. 

However, if an employee is uncomfortable with that approach for any reason, or if no action is taken after such discussion, the concern can be reported to Chr. Hansen’s whistleblower hotline on a secure and externally hosted reporting site. 

All reporters can remain anonymous. You are invited to use other reporting methods as described above or contact Head of Global Legal Compliance / Global Compliance Officer directly.


What happens when a report is filed in the Chr. Hansen whistleblower hotline?

The report will be recorded and received in the whistleblower hotline system. Chr. Hansen’s Whistleblower Manager will assess if the report is considered to be within the scope. If the report is within scope, then the report will proceed to the Investigation Group under the responsibility of CVP Compliance for further processing. If the report is not considered to be within scope, then the reporter will be informed hereof by the Whistleblower Manager.

The reporter will be notified within seven days after the report is received. 

The Investigation Group will address all reported incidents – considering the seriousness and credibility of the concern/issue to determine the appropriate action. Some complaints or concerns may be resolved without investigation.

The reporter will receive feedback on the status of the investigation of the report as soon as possible and at the latest within 3 months after the report was made. When the investigation has been closed the reporter will also be provided information on how the concern raised has been addressed. 


Retaliation or misuse of the whistleblower hotline

Chr. Hansen will ensure that there will not be discrimination or retaliation against any employee or business partner who reports a concern to the whistleblower hotline in good faith. 

If a reporter believes that he/she has been retaliated against for reporting or participating in an investigation, the reporter should immediately report it to the whistleblower hotline. All such reports will be investigated confidentially.

Persons who knowingly make false reports or who otherwise abuse the system may face disciplinary action. 

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