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Our strategy

Our sustainability strategy 2020

The world is at a turning point. We need smarter, healthier and more sustainable solutions, if we are to feed a growing population and provide affordable health care for an ageing population. With our sustainability strategy 2020, we commit to address these global challenges by enabling better farming, reducing food waste and improving health, with our core products. While using our products and force of innovation to address global challenges, we continue to ensure a strong social, environmental and responsible operational foundation. 

Chr. Hansen’s sustainability strategy is aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which constitute a unique platform for joint action on a global scale.

Organizational anchoring

We have set long-term goals for some of our most material sustainability issues. The responsibility for driving performance is embedded within our core business functions. The Sustainability Board, Chaired by President & CEO, Mauricio Graber, is responsible for defining the strategic direction and ensuring progress, supported by a dedicated Sustainability function.

Our long-term goals

  • 25mio

    Chr. Hansen’s natural solutions, applied across 25 mill. hectares of farmland by 2025

  • 5 new products

    Launch 5 new products with a documented health effect by 2020

  • 2%

    Reduce global yogurt waste by 2% corresponding to 700,000 tons by 2020 (2014 baseline)

  • 25%

    25% CO2E efficiency improvement from base year 2013/14

  • 20%

    20% water efficiency improvement from base year 2013/14

  • 20%

    20% energy efficiency improvement from base year 2013/14

  • 2.0%

    Lost time frequency per million working hours at 2.0 by 2020

  • 80%

    80% of management team meeting diversity criteria

  • Responsible sourcing

    Responsible sourcing fully implemented by 2020

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