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In-house experts

We offer a diverse palette of probiotics expertise to support you in securing a successful business

Are you looking for more than a quality probiotic supplier? A collaboration partner with whom you can discuss e.g., how to position your new probiotic product, how to register your new offering, how to collaborate on developing a new product, or how to choose the right product packaging to support good stability?

360° expertise

Our expertise encompasses all areas related to probiotics: from production, innovation and formulation, to product registration, documentation and marketing. 

See how we can assist you:


Providing robust and documented probiotic strains with is the foundation of all our probiotic solutions.

  • Screening, characterization and selection of bacteria with beneficial effects
  • Carrying out clinical studies to document the performance of new and existing probiotic strains
  • Providing stability data from blends to packed products
  • Optimizing production processes to further enhance product performance and stability
  • Collaborating with customers on new probiotics strains and concepts

Turning high-quality strains into stable and convenient consumer products.

  • Formulation of ready-to-go probiotic products and customized solutions
  • Offering extensive application knowledge within strains, combination ingredients, dosage forms and packaging
  • Innovating breakthrough dosage forms and probiotic technologies
  • Suggesting dosage forms and packaging solutions that can sustain live probiotics
Product registration and documentation

Ensuring that our probiotic products meet current market standards.

  • Delivering documentation on products
  • Providing regulatory guidance for EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), the Americas (North and South America) and APAC (Asia-Pacific)
  • Assisting with the registration of probiotic products 

Sharing market insights and clinical evidence.

  • Providing insights on all major probiotic markets around the world
  • Sharing clinical evidence on our probiotic strains
  • Outlining the positioning opportunities of our probiotic ready-to-go product concepts

Want to learn more?

Please contact us to learn more about our probiotics expertise.

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