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Target populations

We offer probiotic solutions for different target populations and their specific needs

As we go through life, we are likely to encounter various challenges to our wellbeing. The types of issues that we experience are often related to our age or gender. We offer probiotics for the following target populations:


The development of a balanced microbiota is key to health later in life. The microbiota – i.e., the bacterial colonization of our bodies – develops during the first years of our life. Two factors have great impact on the bacterial profile of infants: 1) How the babies are born, i.e., whether they are born vaginally or by caesarian section; and 2) whether they are breast-fed or formula-fed. It seems that vaginal delivery and breast-feeding result in a microbiota dominated by bifidobacteria which may be beneficial for health later in life.

Probiotics may support the development of a balanced microbiota.

We offer:

  • Probiotic powder for infant formula2
  • Probiotic drops


Children are prone to infections due to their not yet mature immune system. Common discomforts in children are: stomach upsets with frequent passing of loose and watery stools, runny nose, cough and cold. The frequency, severity and duration of the discomfort, may affect the children’s well-being.

Probiotics may help maintain children's well-being.

We offer:

  • Probiotic stick packs
  • Probiotic chewable tablets


For adults maintaining an active life style, good digestive health and a strong immune system may be a challenge. In addition, urogenital imbalances and discomforts are common in women. Pregnant or elderly women, in particular, may also experience slow bowel function. 

Probiotics may support digestion, the immune system and women’s microflora. 

We offer:

  • Probiotic capsules
  • Probiotic stick packs
  • Probiotic chewable tablets
  • Probiotic soft gels

Want to learn more?

Please contact us for more information about the probiotic solutions we offer for these target populations. 

The definition of "infants" and "children" varies from country to country – please check local regulation
2 BREASTMILK IS BEST. Chr. Hansen is committed to the highest standards of responsible marketing of breast milk substitutes and complies with the WHO Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes as implemented by national governments. Chr. Hansen is a B2B probiotics manufacturer; this communication is intended exclusively for companies in the probiotics industry.

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