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PROBIO-TEC® offerings

We offer comprehensive probiotic solutions - convenient standard offerings as well as unique formulations

PROBIO-TEC® is our brand of probiotics used in dietary supplements and infant formula1. Our PROBIO-TEC® offerings allow you to focus on what matters most to you – speed to market or uniqueness. 

Two routes to market

Go for our wide range of attractive standard offerings if you want high-quality, market-ready solutions, or learn more about your opportunities with customized solutions if you want something truly unique. We can present you with various options and discuss with you which solution will be best for your particular business. 

1BREASTMILK IS BEST. Chr. Hansen is committed to the highest standards of responsible marketing of breast milk substitutes and complies with the WHO Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes as implemented by national governments.

Chr. Hansen is a B2B probiotics manufacturer; this communication is intended exclusively for companies in the probiotics industry.

Explore your options with PROBIO-TEC® offerings:

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