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Market trends

Probiotics are one of the fastest growing ingredients, and ever more people are becoming aware of these natural cultures1. Here are some of the key trends we see in the market

Healthy living

Consumers are concerned about staying healthy – physically and mentally. Quality of life is essential; we want to be fit, active and able to live the good life. Healthy living covers the entire lifespan – from a good start in life, continuing through healthy and normal development, to maintaining good health at an old age. 

Some of the factors that play into this trend are: increased health literacy (we are becoming better educated and health-conscious), aging populations around the world, and changing lifestyles causing obesity, etc. According to Dr. Annette Dickinson, “Surveys find that dietary-supplement users tend to have better diets and adopt other healthy habits, suggesting that they view supplements as just one strategy in an array of health habits to help ensure wellness”2.

We offer: 

  • Probiotic strains backed by scientific data 
  • Probiotics suitable for infants - bacteria that can naturally be found in mothers´milk3
  • Probiotics for dietary supplements
  • Probiotics for different target populations and areas of use

On-the-go convenience

We tend to lead busy and often stressful lives. As a result, consumers are looking for easy and convenient ways to supplement their diets with shelf-stable products. Appealing solutions are supplements that lend themselves to being carried and consumed on-the-go, maybe also combining two or more ingredients into one.

We offer:

  • Stable probiotics 
  • Single-dose products
  • “2-in-1” or multi-action products, combining probiotics and other ingredients

Conscious consumption

The current health trend leads to an increased focus on what we eat and drink. Food safety is an important concern that raises awareness about regulations. Consumers also like to make informed decisions about what they buy and tend to look favorably on clean-label products and natural ingredients. 

We offer: 

  • Certified and authorized production facilities
  • Scientifically documented probiotic strains
  • Extensive quality-control programs 
  • Regulatory expertise
  • Ready-to-go probiotic drop concept for infants and young children formulated without SiO2

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Euromonitor International Report; Oct 2013
2 http://www.nutraingredients-usa.com/content/view/print/1137291

3 BREASTMILK IS BEST. Chr. Hansen is committed to the highest standards of responsible marketing of breast milk substitutes and complies with the WHO Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes as implemented by national governmentsChr. Hansen is a B2B probiotics manufacturer; this communication is intended exclusively for companies in the probiotics industry.

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