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Chr. Hansen presents new probiotics research at IPC 2016

At the upcoming IPC, 21-23 June 2016 in Budapest in Hungary, Senior Principal Scientist Thomas D. Leser at Human Health Discovery will be presenting a poster on some of our latest probiotics research.

Poster presentation 
Entitled “Probiotic Strains of Bifidobacterium adolescentis - Presented at IPC 2016”, the poster by Leser et al. 2016 concludes that in vitro data indicate that B. adolescentis BIF038 could be a new probiotic candidate that may improve the intestinal barrier and induce a regulatory mucosal immune response. The DSS (dextran sodium sulfate) colitis model showed that BIF038 prevented and/or attenuated inflammation and tissue damage in the gastrointestinal tract and ameliorated DSS-induced body weight loss, thus confirming the beneficial effects of this strain demonstrated in vitro.

Continuous screening
The study is part of our continuous screening efforts to detect probiotic strains with promising characteristics to be used in commercial products at a later stage. “We have one of the largest culture banks in the world and put our state-of-the art technology to use when we screen for the best probiotic candidates. I look forward to presenting this data at IPC 2016 and discussing the results with fellow researchers in the probiotics field,” says Thomas D. Leser.

About IPC 
IPC is short for the International Scientific Conference on Probiotics and Prebiotics. The conference is relevant if you are interested in prebiotics and recent science in the probiotics field. To learn more, please visit the IPC website and have a look at the entire program.

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