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Strong clinical data and comprehensive quality-control programs are part of our roots in combination with an innate need to care for our probiotics

Integrity characterizes the way we work. Our successful probiotics business is founded on sound principles, adhering to standards, regulation, etc. Not only that, we have a real passion for probiotics. We see both aspects as prerequisites for building trust with you.

“Integrity” for us means:

  • Building our business on clinical data. The effect of our probiotic strains is supported by clinical data, and we continue to invest in further substantiation.
  • Meeting food and pharmaceutical standards. We have pharmaceutical grade production facilities and have an industry-leading quality control program in place.
  • Being in business since 1874 and therefore having a long history of a successful business. Today we have the world’s largest lactic acid bacteria production plant where we care for our probiotics and treat them according to their individual needs.

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