Chr Hansen laboratory employee


We have been accumulating probiotic insights for more than a century and believe in sharing knowledge and ideas in long-term business partnerships

Insight characterizes the way we work. We bring a global outlook and knowledge of local conditions to the table when we do business with you. 

“Insight” for us means: 

  • Being trusted experts in probiotic strains. We have been producing lactic acid bacteria for more than a century and have an industry-leading manufacturing and release competence, encompassing pharmaceutical, dietary supplement and infant grade products.
  • Understanding your customers and markets. We are a global business with a strong team of local sales representatives. We invest in market data, monitor consumer trends and are keen to understand your needs.
  • Welcoming challenges and sharing knowledge. We see that as a way to a successful long-term business partnership. We are open to all ideas that will give the global consumer an efficacious product.

Want to learn more? 

Please contact us for more information about how we work.

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