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Natural & healthy solutions

Crop protection products, such as pesticides, increase crop yield by protecting plants against diseases, pests and competing weeds and grasses. Without crop protection products, 40% of the worlds’ food production would be lost.

A number of dynamics have put the industry under increased pressure to provide safer and alternative crop protection solutions: 

Consumers all over the world are driving the natural and healthy trend. Growing food  and beverage consumption is driven by the rise in the global middle income population  and their overall interest in healthy living and clean product labels.

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The world population continues to grow. So does the farmers’ demand for  higher yields on less land, as the availability of new agricultural land is very  limited. Crop yields are already at high levels and climate change adds additional  stress to productivity.

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The crop protection industry is continuously challenged to develop novel solutions to combat increased  pest resistance to chemicals. However, chemicals development timelines and costs are extremely high whereas biologic solutions represent a lower development cost. 

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Governments increasingly ban older crop protection technologies, like chemicals and increase entry barriers, while encouraging the development of new safer technologies to protect human health and the environment.

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