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QUARTZO®1 is a bio-nematicide solution that protects crops from nematode-lesions. QUARTZO® bio-nematicide can be applied at the time of planting, on transplant of seedlings or during the crop cycle. It is easy to apply and works by colonizing the roots of the plants. The product protects any crop which suffers from nematode-lesions and increases the water use efficiency of the plant. QUARTZO® bio-nematicide is commercially available in Brazil via FMC Corporation.

Market challenge

Many crops suffer from nematode attacks which weaken the plants and have a devastating impact on yield. Nematodes are among the main yield eradicating factors in Brazil and failure to control the impact of nematodes can be a costly affair for the growers.

Our solution

QUARTZO® bio-nematicide helps the plant fight off attacks from nematodes from the very initial stages, by applying beneficial bacteria to the plants. QUARTZO® is a purely biological, probiotic bacterial based plant protection solution which grows on and around the roots of the crops in a symbiotic relationship promoting the health of crop. The product creates a protective biofilm around the roots, which optimizes the absorption of water and nutrients culminating in the increase of productivity. The product can be used for a range of crops, including Sugarcane, Rice, Coffee and Fruit & Vegetables.

Your benefits

  • Protection of yield damage caused by nematode-lesions (Pratylenchus zeae and P. brachyurus) and gill nematodes (Meloidogyne incognita and M. javanica).
  • Improved root system stability
  • Creates a physical barrier around the root, hindering the orientation and recognition of the root system by the nematodes
  • Excellent for integrated pest management and resistance management
  • High flexibility of use with chemical treatments
  • Safe product based on science – easy to handle, transport and store
  • Highly concentrated biological product (2.0E11 CFU/gram product)
  • Improved plant emergency and stand establishment
  • Long shelf life (2 years)
  • Non-genetically modified

QUARTZO® is a trademark of FMC Química do Brasil Ltda.

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