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PRESENCE®1 is our first biological seed treatment solution, protecting seeds from root-knot nematodes and increasing the plant health via a number of actions, including for example increasing the water use efficiency of the plant. PRESENCE® nematicide is applied to crop seeds prior to planting, creating a coating that protects seeds and crops from damaging nematodes by colonizing the roots of the plants throughout the crop lifecycle. PRESENCE® nematicide  is commercially available in Brazil via FMC Corporation.

Market challenge

Nematodes are among the main yield eradicating factors in Brazil and growers are looking for natural solutions to protect their crops. Nematode attacks the plants and have a devastating impact on yield. 

Our solution

PRESENCE® nematicide helps the plant fight off attacks from nematodes from the very initial stages, by coating the seeds with beneficial bacteria. PRESENCE®  is a purely biological, probiotic bacterial based plant protection solution which grows on and around the roots of the crops in a symbiotic relationship promoting health of the crop. The product is effective for seed treatment of Soy bean, Corn, Beans and Cotton.

Your benefits

  • Protection of yield damage caused by root knot nematodes (Meloidogyne Incognita and Pratylenchus brachyurus) in Soy bean, Corn, Beans and Cotton amongst others Improved seed and root system stability
  • Creates a physical barrier around the root, hindering the orientation and recognition of the root system by the nematodes
  • High flexibility of use with chemical treatments
  • Safe product based on science
  • Improved water use efficiency, plant emergence and stand establishment
  • Non-genetically modified
  • High quality organic product
  • Longer shelf life (2 years) compared to other biological nematicides


PRESENCE® is a trademark of FMC Química do Brasil Ltda.

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