Our first step into the new and rapidly growing business area of plant health was the launch of the sugarcane NEMIX® C product, targeting the biggest sugar cane market in the world of 9 million hectare.

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Market Challenge:

Sugar cane farming is a cost and capital intensive operation and returns are often low. The average sugar cane farmer spends a significant portion  of the income on agrochemicals to combat pests and weeds. Some of these can be toxic to the environment, unsafe to use and not very effective long term.

Our Solution:

We help the plant fight off the pest. NEMIX® C is a purely biological, probiotic bacterial based plant protection solution which grows on and around the roots of the sugar cane plant in a symbiotic relationship promoting the health of the sugar cane plant and helping it fight off pests and diseases.    

Your benefits

  • Yield increase by up to 10%
  • Fully compatible with known used herbicide, nematicide and fungicide solutions
  • Safe product based on science
  • Non-genetically modified
  • Protects against yield loss from nematode attacks
  • Prevents soil diseases
  • Improves plant health, water efficiency and drought tolerance
  • High quality organic product

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