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Capture LFR® Insecticide plus VGR Soil Amendment for application in corn is the first product resulting from our R&D alliance with FMC - launched in the US in late 2015 in selected states.

Market challenge:

Climate change means that farmers can expect a higher incidence of adverse weather conditions, like floods, droughts and extreme heat. Plant efficiency and productivity in corn and soybeans is increasingly challenged by insect resistance and drought stress environments. 

Our solution:

The VGR soil amendment contains naturally occurring bacteria which provides larger root systems better able support the plant and increases plant performance.

Your benefits:

2015 field trials across the US corn belt indicate that corn and soybeans benefit from the protection of Capture LFR® combined with the increased vigor and plant efficiency provided by VGR:

  • Average Yield increase of Capture LFR® Plus VGR soil amendment of  3.7 bu/acre over Capture LFR® 
  • Optimizes water efficiency
  • Protects against seedling pests 
  • Improves overall plant vigor
  • Strengthens root systems
  • Provides stronger, more uniform stands

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