Chr. Hansen ATTIS® harvest

Tried and tested

In laboratory tests, ATTIS® bacteria were shown to improve the solubilization of "bound up" phosphorus in 39 out of 40 bacterial strain comparisons – in some cases, by more than 10 times.

Intensive R&D greenhouse and laboratory tests also reveal that ATTIS® bacteria improve soil conditions that result in improvements in overall plant and root biomass under both optimal and high-stress environments.


Improved phosphorous uptake

Phosphorus is an essential nutrient for the general health and vigor of plants. By enabling photosynthesis, phosphorous facilitates root growth, strengthens stems and stalks improves overall crop quality.

ATTIS® has been tested in real-world conditions across the United States where it has consistently shown to improve nutrient availability, particularly converting phosphorous into a form that is more readily available for uptake by the plant. 

In corn silage field trials1 undertaken at multiple dairy operations throughout the US, ATTIS® data showed an above-average uptake of phosphorous, which is favorable for consistent growth responses, fine root hair development, and above-ground biomass.

1Based in on results from over 20 field trials across the US conducted with farm co-operators in 2021.

A truly integrated solution

With livestock probiotics, silage inoculants and now a unique microbial inoculant, we are significantly strengthening our silage portfolio.

ATTIS® is the perfect addition to proven Chr. Hansen silage inoculants in the market such as SILOSOLVE®.

And with Chr. Hansen, you can rest assured you will receive full service from a company that is renowned for its unique and scientifically proven microbial solutions.




Technical overview




Multi-crop inoculant 

Active ingredients 

Bacillus megaterium CH9100

Shelf life 

24 months in the package

On-seed stability (on-going) – target is six months

Storage conditions  

Ambient temperature 



Wettable Powder (WP)

Suspension Concentrate (SC) in development


In-furrow, seed treatment and pivot irrigation


Seed Treatment:  4.8 oz/100 lbs seed (3 g/kg seed)

In-furrow:  4.8 oz/acre (336 g/ha)

Pivot Irrigation:  6-8 oz/acre (420-560 g/ha)

Area treated by each 48 oz. bag

Seed Treatment: @32000 plants/acre = 100 acres

In-furrow: 10 acres

Pivot Irrigation: 8-6 acres

Minimum guarantee of microorganism 

5.0x1010 CFU/g




Microbial powerhouse 

Unleashing the potential of good bacteria

Proven products 

Market-leading solutions proven to make a difference

Production excellence 

Global presence and long history of high-quality production

Trusted and committed partnerships

Growing the future of agriculture through collaboration

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