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FMC alliance

Our global strategic alliance with FMC Corporation since 2013 accelerates our entry into the rapidly growing biological crop protection market. Through the alliance, we combine Chr. Hansen’s unique technology platform for bacterial solutions with FMC’s strong market access and application know-how. Together we are working to combine knowledge and expertise to create a broad portfolio of biological solutions for farmers worldwide.


The agricultural sector is faced with the double challenge of increasing productivity while reducing the sector’s environmental impact.


Chr. Hansen and FMC Corporation have joined forces to create biological solutions to boost agricultural productivity. Our plant protection products are great examples of how we can use ‘good bacteria’ to help address some of the world’s big challenges. 


Microbial solutions have the potential to significantly reduce the environmental impact of agriculture and provide sustainable alternatives to farmers worldwide.

No one knows microbiology and fermentation better than the team of Chr. Hansen. Their expertise in strain development and scale-up production complements the work we do so well in formulation and bringing products to market. We look forward to working with Chr. Hansen to create a broad portfolio of biological solutions.

Mark A. Douglas

President, FMC Agricultural solutions

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