Plant based meat

Top 3 reasons to use natural colors in your
plant-based products



1. Healthy choices

Health is the main motivator to choose plant-based products. Artificial colors detract from your brand’s “health halo”.

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2. Consumer demand

79% expect plant-based food and drink to be naturally colored. Consumers looking for plant-based alternatives are striving for cleaner and healthier lifestyles.*


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3. We eat with our eyes

Color is often the first characteristic that influences the purchasing decision and is especially important in plant-based products because color affects our taste experience even before we actually taste our food. 


* FMCG Gurus

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Do you know?

…which colors are best to achieve a precooked and cooked appearance of meat alternatives?

…which plant-based protein works best with red shades?

…that fat content is an important consideration?

…what happens to anthocyanins when you have a high pH and low pH? 




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