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A red color like no other

Finally! A bright-red carmine alternative

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Strawberry red. It’s a popular shade for food products – from cakes to confectionery to milkshakes. But until now it’s been nearly impossible to make a non-carmine, fire-engine red color with no off-taste. As consumers move towards vegetarian and vegan choices, the need for a carmine alternative is more pressing.

Luckily our new FRUITMAX® red juice concentrates rise to the challenge. They’re suitable for a long list of food applications. They’re 100% plant based. And they’re based on the Hansen sweet potato - a new variety of sweet potato we created ourselves. 

A great match for carmine!

Allura red 0005

Allura Red/ Red 40

Fruitmax red

Hansen sweet potato & safflower/tumeric



Fruitmax red

Hansen sweet potato

FRUITMAX® Plant-based red juices for:


  • fruit preparation
  • dairy
  • icings
  • decorations
  • cakes
  • fat-based bakery fillings
  • confectionery
  • topical seasoning in snacks
  • breakfast cereal
  • emulsified meat

Fire engine red with no off-taste


Definition: a vegetarian who eats no animal products

Webster´s New World College Dictionary

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hansen sweet potato

Introducing the HANSEN SWEET POTATO™

To create the HANSEN SWEET POTATO™ Ipomoea batatas, we invested in a decade-long breeding program based on traditional methods. We took charge of the entire growing and production process in order to bring these right-red juice concentrates to market.

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Distributor & Business Development Manager
Department: Sales & Commercial Development - Natural Colors
Milwaukee, USA