Placa de Petri

A red color like no other

There was no good carmine alternative.
So we developed the HANSEN SWEET POTATO™

For the first time, we’ve created a whole new variety of vegetable with unique coloring properties. It’s called the HANSEN SWEET POTATO™ Ipomoea batatas, and it’s based on a plant from a far-away land. It was a small tuber without much pigment. But the color was just about right. We saw enough potential to set off on a years’ long process of selective breeding using traditional, non-GMO methods.

The result is a FRUITMAX® line of red juices. They’re minimally processed. 100% plant based and suitable for a long list of products.

raw red sweet potato


How we did it

The HANSEN SWEET POTATO™ was a collaborative effort. Our own crop scientists and plant scientists, other researchers and our grower partners all played a role. You can read the whole story of this exceptional new raw material here. 

Our vegetable

Where it all begins

It always starts with the right raw materials. Sometimes we find them for you. Other times we have to develop them or improve them ourselves. 


But the story of the HANSEN SWEET POTATO™ is about more than a new vegetable variety. It’s an example of how far we’ll go to bring you a full spectrum of brilliant colors – naturally.



Better colors, naturally

Our experienced team of experts develop new and refined raw materials using selective, non-GMO breeding. To do it we collaborate with colleagues, growers and scientists around the world.

About breeding

100% plant-based

Wondering if our FRUITMAX® red juices are right for your products?


FRUITMAX® products based on the HANSEN SWEET POTATO™ are suitable for a variety of applications.


Jane Olsen Ballester

Business Development ManagerRegional Sales, France - Natural Colors Division, Prades-le-Lez , France