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                   Pink Flavoured Natural Seasoning and Colouring

Molini Spigadoro Chef in Black Gusto Pink con Ravanello e Ciliegia (Pink Flavoured Natural Seasoning and Colouring Preparation with Radish and Cherry) is now available. This product is suitable for enhancing the flavour and to give colour to various savoury and sweet dishes and contains radish and cherry for a distinctive red-blue colour and aroma. It retails in an 80g pack and was on display at SIAL 2016 in Paris, France.

                                          Fierce Strawberry Flavour 

Gatorade Fierce Strawberry Flavoured Sports Drink is said to help rehydrate, replenish and refuel. The product is claimed to be scientifically formulated to help replace lost fluids and electrolytes to promote hydration and carbs to refuel working muscles. The drink is low in sodium, contains no caffeine or carbonation, and retails in a 500ml bottle.

                                  Purple Sweet Potato Latte Flavour

Glam.D Glam Shake Purple Sweet Potato Latte Flavoured Shake is designed to support weight control and contains protein, eight vitamins and three minerals. The product retails in a 300g pack containing 10 x 30g units

                                        Orange & Strawberry Flavour

Lotte Jellycious Gonyagae Ppajida Jaws Orange & Strawberry Flavour Konjac Jelly is made with 0.3% konjac powder, 2% strawberry juice concentrate and 1% orange juice concentrate. The product provides 19 calories per pack, is said to have a plumply texture, and retails in a 130g pack. 
South Korea.


                                 Sweet potato and red radish concentrates

Misura Natura Ricca Barretta con Mandorle Intere, Noci, Mirtilli e Acai (Whole Almonds, Walnuts, Blueberries and Açaí Bars) are free from colourings, gluten, preservatives, flavourings and palm oil, and are a natural source of vitamin E, to protect cells against oxidative stress. The product retails in a 66g pack of three 22g units, featuring the Facebook logo.


                       Gaia Saccani

                                          Senior Regional Marketing Manager, Chr. Hansen