Seizing the Halloween Moment

How Halloween can movement sales and create opportunities to connect with customers?

The trend

Halloween is well known around the globe as a very American tradition and for the costumes and candies, also for being one of the most important festivities for the economy in US. In 2017, 72% of America

n plan on celebrating it, making it a potential market of 234 million consumers where an average women and men can spend, 77 and 96 dollars, respectively, according to US National Retail Federation.

We might think that this has fill things to do with Europe, but year after year this fun holiday becomes more appealing overseas. In 2015, the amount spent by consumers in the UK for the festivity was 134 million pounds making it the larger market in this trend. 

UK it is not the only one, in Denmark 19% of the population agreed they would do something special and buy extra candy during Halloween time and 67% of them are people aged between 30 and 49 years old.

Sugar and chocolate confectionery are the first ones to be impact and seize the opportunity with innovative colors, textures and shapes made for the trick-or-treat moment. Extending the possibilities, bakery goods could also increase their appeal with new concepts that fit every kids and adults Halloween wishes. 


Halloween colors

How to address the trend with natural colors solutions?
Oranges, violets, reds and back are the iconic palette for the season. But bright and natural are the trends that don’t go out of fashion. Today, ingredients transparency is a fundamental component of branding and communication for brands as they are looking to build trust with consumers. At the same time, consumers are looking for healthier indulgences and adventurous flavors in their snacks and manufacturers have to overcome those different challenges.

Chr. Hansen Solutions

Chr. Hansen has developed a new range of oil soluble coloring foodstuffs to complete the already existing impressive range of colors from natural sources. The new products are based on vegetables and plants extracts and are fully compliant with the European Guidance Notes on the classification of food extracts with coloring properties. We have targeted our development to ensure high performance cost efficiency and a full range of shades to match the flavor profile of your product.

Our FruitMax® Range Benefits  

• Food ingredients with coloring properties from fruit and vegetable concentrates 
• Free from GMO and preservatives
• Consumer friendly declaration on final food product; labeling free of E number
• Appealing rainbow of shades to maintain the standard and appeal of your product
• Water and oil soluble colors
• Proven performance in various applications
• Easy to blend into additional shades
• Minimal settling of the bulk product
• Ambient storage with long shelf life
• Neutral flavor
Our FruitMax® range can be easily used in confectionary and bakery and  includes bright shades as Pink, Warm Pink, Blue, Brown and Yellow.  They can also be blended further to achieve shades like Green, Orange and Red.


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