Colorful Assortment of Food

Why clean label colors?

Clean Label Colors tells the story your consumers are looking for.

Today's consumers are looking for food they can trust. They want natural, recognizable ingredients that are food safe, visually appealing and tasty – and they want transparency about how the products are produced.

Clean label colors that meet your consumers’ needs for simple, minimally processed and recognizable ingredients enables you to tell the story your customers are looking for.

This guide explains what clean label colors are, looks at some of the challenges, solutions and best practices that enables food manufacturers and brands to meet the new consumer demands.

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When you choose Chr. Hansen Clean Label Colors, you protect and nurture the value of your brand. Wherever you do business, we help you navigate new challenges. Our knowledge about pigments, applications and regulations help you boost consumer trust, and give you the leading edge you need to meet changing market preferences.