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FRUITMAX® – our clean label colors

Clean, simple and natural

What is clean label?

Clean label is a general industry term for healthy, nutritious and minimally processed food. Consumers of all ages are looking for food they can trust. They want their food to be made from natural, recognizable ingredients in their food – and they want transparency about how their food products are made.

What is FRUITMAX®?

FRUITMAX® is our complete range of clean label colors – a full palette of vibrant colors from natural sources. Crafted with gentle, traditional production methods, FRUITMAX® colors can be clearly and simply labelled on a list of ingredients. 

cut outs clean label colors


Why choose clean label colors for your brand?



Align your brand with consumer demand. Revitalize your storytelling with clean label colors and enhance consumer trust and loyalty.


Mitigate risk from consumer scrutiny and respond to competitive pressure. 


Enter new channels that showcase deep product attributes. Ensure regulatory compliance in new markets and take as step towards premium. 


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