Every color tells a story.

Let us help you tell yours true story.

Consumers are demanding foods made from natural, recognizable, safe ingredients. They want manufacturers to be transparent about the ingredients they use, and how those foods – and the ingredients – are made.
Coloring Foods are minimally processed fruit, vegetable or edible plant concentrates. They are food coloring ingredients that provide vibrant, natural color and can be clearly and simply labelled on a list of ingredients. And demand for them is growing.
Transparency is key to connect with the new consumer.

Our FruitMax® range helps you tell the stories your consumers are looking for.
This guide explains what coloring foods are, looks at some of the challenges, solutions and best practices that enables food manufacturers and brands to meet the new consumer demands.



When you choose Chr. Hansen FruitMax® range, you protect and nurture the value of your brand. Wherever you do business, we help you navigate new challenges. Our knowledge about pigments, applications and regulations help you boost consumer trust, and give you the leading edge you need to meet changing market preferences.


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Gaia Saccani

Senior Regional Marketing Manager, Chr. Hansen