Every color tells a story.

Vibrant colors to engange beyond taste.

Yellow, red, purple and blue are key colors for bakery, decorations and chocolate confectionary. These colors are easy to obtain when working in water-based applications but challenging in fat especially when the final goal is to reach brilliant shades to convey tastiness with a clean label solution. 
Chr. Hansen’s Fruitmax® Oil Soluble products are oil dispersible coloring foodstuffs that help manufacturers to reach the next level of naturality for their brands and meet consumer-request of authenticity with clean label solutions. 
Fruitmax® Oil Soluble range can be used in chocolate confectionary, fat filling for biscuits, ice cream or bakery glazing and decorations to create innovative and vibrant colors supporting all the potential flavors. The oil soluble range includes five shades – blue, pink, red, yellow and brown – that can bring lots of colorful opportunities.
This one-pager shows the Fruitmax® Oil Soluble range and main benefits, advantages, labeling and compliance.

When you choose Chr. Hansen natural colors, you protect and nurture the value of your brand. Wherever you do business, we help you navigate new challenges. Our knowledge about pigments, applications and regulations help you boost consumer trust, and give you the leading edge you need to meet changing market preferences."


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Gaia Saccani

Senior Regional Marketing Manager, Chr. Hansen