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Bright blue possibilities with spirulina

Where Spirulina Comes From?

Spirulina is a seaweed species belonging to the blue-green algae (Arthrospira platensis). It has been used as a food for 400 years, and is currently well known as a dietary supplement. Spirulina blue color is obtained through a simple physical process of concentrating the blue-green algae. Spirulina is grown in water reservoirs. 
Historically the majority of production took place in Asia, but now production also takes place in Europe & the US, as regulatory approvals for spirulina have come through as Coloring Foodstuff (EUR 2013) and as a Color Additive (USA 2013 & 2014).

Bright Blue Shades

With Spirulina approved in Europe and North America as food color, there are now many new possibilities for manufacturers to produce natural blue product.
Chr. Hansen has a range of spirulina based formulations called Fruitmax® Acai suitable for various applications:  from confectionary to ice cream; fat compound and fat coating; bakery and bakery filling. With Fruitmax® Acai it’s possible to achieve bright blue shades and it is also excellent in blends to achieve every shade of green and purple.
Fruitmax® Acai benefits:

  • Bright blue shade in most application (confectionary, ice cream, fat filling, fat coating, bakery)
  • Possibilities of green, purple and brown blends
  • Approved in EU (Spirulina Concentrate) and North America (Color: Spirulina)Concentrated product formulations to reduce dosage
  • Powder and liquid formulations
  • Water and oil soluble formulations
Natural colors
Natural colors
natural colors

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