From Unicorn to Mermaid food

If you think that mythical creature food is over, there is a new growing trend that's inspiring people's eating habits: mermaids.  Mermaid food (#mermaidfood) has become the new Instagram trend, and spirulina is the main ingredient to reach different shades of blue.
Starbucks again was the trendsetter with a Mermaid Frappuccino limited edition in Mexico in August 2017. It's a colorful pastel dream with a sea green base and blue vanilla whipped cream decorated with purple pearls and blue and purple sugar crystals.

What is then a “mermaid food”?

Whatever food product you can think of with a blue or green color made with spirulina. Mermaid recipes use spirulina that brings bright blue or green shade to the final products. Mermaid food could be a donut with blue glazing, a blue smoothie in a glass, a cupcake with blue or green topping.
Whatever a mermaid food is, it should bring eye-popping colors.

Natural colors
[Image: 2018 Instagram]

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