Spiced soup and bouillon

Spice replacement in bouillon and soups?

Try I-COLORS® Yellow 906 WSS-P

Market challenge

Producers of bouillon and soups often face batch-to-batch variations and lack of stability during shelf-life when using ground turmeric spice.

Chr. Hansen’s solution

I-COLORS® Yellow 906 WSS-P is a standardized powder product based on turmeric, which enables manufacturers to use the same dosage every time. The pigment is protected by encapsulation, which ensures high stability in the application matrix, and our advanced I-COLORS® technology provides excellent powder plating.

The benefits of I-COLORS® Yellow 906 WSS-P

  • Bright yellow color shade
  • High coloring ability & superior stability
  • Standardized product
  • Non-staining
  • Excellent plating of powder mixes

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