Pastry of yellow colors

Palm-free yellow for your bakery applications?

The answer is CULINACOLOR™ 410 WSP

Market challenge

Recently there has been a raising awareness and demand for palm-free products from both retailers and consumers around the globe. Producers of yellow bakery products are faced with the challenge of how to maintain their color profile without using a natural color containing palm oil.  

Chr. Hansen’s solution

Chr. Hansen has developed CULINACOLOR™ 410 WSP to help you make your yellow bakery product 100% palm-free and thereby comply with both retailers and customers’ expectations of your brand.

CULINACOLOR™ 410 WSP is a powder color from natural sources based on natural beta carotene with excellent color abilities and the attractive yellow shade in bakery applications that consumers expect. The product it especially suitable for dry mixes.

The benefits of CULINACOLOR™ 410 WSP

  • 100% Palm-free color formulation
  • Attractive yellow shade consumers expects
  • Heat stable 
  • Color from natural sources

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