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Natural colors for bakery?

Try our comprehensive rainbow of shades for your bakery products

Market challenge:

Consumers are increasingly concerned about what is in their food, which has led to a growing demand for products made from natural sources and fewer additives. 
Bakery manufacturers face the challenge of maintaining the vibrant and bright color profile that consumers expect from their products without using artificial colors.

Chr. Hansen's Solution:

Chr. Hansen has more than 140 years' experience within coloring food with colors from natural sources.
We offer a comprehensive rainbow of shades for your bakery products from yellow and orange through pink, red and violet to brown - all with origin from natural sources.
The products are specially developed to overcome the challenges bakery manufactures face by providing a light stable, vibrant and bright color profile for your bakery product.
Our range of natural colors is of course suitable for a comprehensive number of  bakery products like cakes, muffins, biscuits, cookies, custard cream, frostings and sugar icings.

The benefits of Chr. Hansen's natural color solution for bakery

  • Naturally sourced colors like vegetable juices from black carrot.  
  • Bright, vibrant and stable natural solutions to replace artificial colors Yellow 5, Yellow 6, Red 40.
  • Suitable to apply in a comprehensive range of bakery products.  
  • In line with consumers demand for more natural products.

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