Orange seasoning, chips and snacks

Natural alternative for orange snacks & seasonings?


Market challenge

Orange is one of the most popular shades for snacks and seasonings, and consumers are increasingly demanding more natural and better ingredients. In these subcategories, products are predominately colored with artificial colors. Manufactures of snacks and seasonings face the challenge of finding a natural alternative while simultaneously retaining the bright orange color profile consumers expect from their brand.   

Chr. Hansen’s solution 

Chr. Hansen has developed CULINACOLOR™ Orange 704 WSP, a unique solution to assist manufactures in making their orange snacks or seasonings both more natural and appealing.

CULINACOLOR™ Orange 704 WSP is a powder color from natural sources based on annatto extract, with an attractive bright orange shade, good powder plating abilities and a superior stability, all of which makes it an excellent natural alternative to a combination of Yellow No.5 and Yellow No.6 artificial colors.

The benefits of CULINACOLOR™ Orange 704 WSP 

  • Natural alternative to Yellow No. 5 and Yellow No.6 artificial colors
  • Bright orange shade 
  • Excellent powder plating 
  • Superior stability in powder applications

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