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Clean label solution for bakery?

Try FRUITMAX® Pineapple 700 WSP

Market challenge

Consumers are increasingly concerned about what is in their food, which has led to a growing demand for products made from natural sources and fewer additives. Bakery manufacturers face the challenge of maintaining the color profile that consumers expect from their product without using additives.

Chr. Hansen’s solution

Chr. Hansen has developed FRUITMAX® Pineapple 700 WSP to help manufacturers overcome this challenge. FRUITMAX® Pineapple 700 WSP is a vegetable-based coloring foodstuffs powder made from carrots with an attractive yellow shade and excellent stability in a wide range of bakery products.

The benefits of FRUITMAX® Pineapple 700 WSP

  • Clean label solution complying with FDA and EU coloring foodstuffs guidelines
  • An excellent clean-label alternative to beta carotene, natural beta-carotene and synthetic colors (Yellow 5)
  • Easily applicable powder, with appealing yellow shade
  • 100% Palm-free

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