Prepared food

Mouth watering shades:

With our extensive global structure, we are alert to how different regions have different 
needs and habits in terms of prepared foods and industrialized versions of good, local 

Working with natural colors for well over a century, we have conducted our fair 
share of application tests for a myriad of local recipes, continuously adding to our 
process knowledge and expanding the shade capabilities of natural color pigments.

When it comes to items, such as bakery and breakfast cereals, you need colors that project    
the best crust qualities, whether you’re going for tender and flaky or crispy and crunchy. 
We can deliver the exact color your bakery product needs. 

Global in nature, in-tune with local taste, we share knowledge between all our regional support centers, giving us an edge in providing quick and competent technical support for your prepared-foods projects.

Our expertise covers a wide range of sub-applications from biscuits and cookies, macaroons and sponge cakes to brioche, wafers, icings and powder mixes.
Choose from our extensive product range, featuring a range of tantalizing colors, 
from yellow and orange through pinkredpurplegreen and brown.

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