Carmin-free ice cream

Want to freeze out carmine?

Market challenge

There is an increasing awareness and demand for carmine-free products from specific consumer groups, due to either ideological or religious reasons. In order to meet these requirements, whether they are consumer or regulatorily driven, ice cream manufactures can be challenged in finding suitable carmine-free solutions to match their products’ current color profile.

Chr. Hansen’s solution

Chr. Hansen has a developed a range of red and pink solutions to help ice cream manufactures meet market needs towards carmine-free ice cream products. The range matches shades for strawberry ice cream to red fruit based water ices and includes both natural colors and coloring foodstuffs.

The benefits

  • Carmine-free solutions, both as color or coloring foodstuff
  • Colors from natural sources, such as blends with red beet or anthocyanin
  • Pink to red shades depending on the type of ice cream products
  • Proven stability in ice cream products
  • Halal and Kosher certified product, and free from GMO

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