Yellow palm oil free ice cream

Need to go palm oil free?

Market challenge

There is an increasing awareness and demand from retailers, NGOs and consumer groups for palm-oil-free products. In order to meet this demand, ice cream manufactures can find it challenging to find palm-oil-free colors for both updating their existing ice cream products and developing new variants.

Chr. Hansen’s solution

Chr. Hansen has a developed a range of palm-oil-free yellow solutions to help ice cream manufactures meet market expectations on ice cream products without palm-oil derived ingredients. The range matches shades for vanilla ice cream to yellow fruit-based water ices, and includes both natural colors and coloring foodstuffs.

The benefits

  • 100% free from palm-oil derived ingredients
  • Colors from natural sources, such as lutein, natural beta carotene, carthamus and carrots
  • Bright yellow to orange shades in various ice cream products
  • Robust to ice cream processing parameters

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