NUTRIPHY® Curcumin

Do you need a natural solution – 100% plant – for a bioavailable curcumin with clinical studies?

Market challenge

The dried, powdered root of the turmeric plant has a long history of use in the ancient Ayurvedic tradition. The main pigment curcumin is well known for its antioxidant properties. It can play a vital role in supporting joint health, brain health, gut and cardiovascular health.

There's no question that curcumin is among the most promising herbal products on the market today, but the bioavailability of the products vary. This new curcumin product is developed particularly to enhance the bioavailability of active curcuminoids. 

With NUTRIPHY® Curcumin 102 Chr. Hansen is introducing a product providing enchanced bioavailablilty of active curcuminoids compared to traditional curcumin products. It has these additional benefits:

  • 100% natural from well-known food grade plant derivatives

  • No synthetic additives or chemicals added

  • Bioavailability of curcuminoids documented in peer-review publication

  • High free unconjugated curcuminoids delivery form reported thus far – 46 times enhancement compared to commercial grade natural unformulated curcuminoids (standard curcumin) with 95% purity

  • Well-designed clinical studies shows benefits within mood and vitality or stress

  • Recommended optimal daily dosage to experience health benefits is 500 mg per day.

Chr. Hansen’s solution

A unique composition of non-digestible, fermentable galactomannan-fibres matrix from fenugreek to enhance the bioavailability of active curcuminoids compared to commercial natural unformulated curcumin. 

Fenugreek's popularity is second only to that of curcumin in Indian cuisine, where it's been employed for digestive support since ancient times. Thus, it seems to be a natural fit for curcumin enhancement.

In addition Chr. Hansen offers:

  • Full traceability of plant extracts in full supply chain from the raw materials to the final product

  • Full communication on the analytical methods used to standardize the extracts

  • High concentration of curcuminoids (min. 35% by HPLC).

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