NUTRIPHY® Cranberry

Do you need high level of PAC's?

Market challenge

The term "urinary tract infections” (UTIs) covers a heterogeneous group of infections occurring more frequently in women than in men, with 40 to 50% of women having at least one UTI during their lifetime. The bacterium Escherichia coli (E. coli) is the pathogen most frequently responsible for UTIs in women aged from 15 to 65 years (80% of cases).1

Chr. Hansen's solution

Within our NUTRIPHY® Cranberry range we offer:

  • Extracted only from Vaccinium macrocarpon berries of American origin

  • Containing all native phenolic compounds found in cranberries

  • Bioactivity guaranteed by Standardizing proanthocyanidins with BL-DMAC method (1) and controlling the bioactivity with HRBC test (2)

  • 100% natural with no carrier or additives

  • Available as fine or granulated powder standardized at 15% PACs*

  • No carrier, No additive, 100% natural ingredient

  • European production site 

  • Full traceability of plant extracts in full supply chain from the raw materials to the final product

  • Full communication on the analytical methods used to standardize the extracts.

The benefits of NUTRIPHY® Cranberry

  • Cranberry juice concentrates are exclusively sourced from North America with full traceability.

  • Active compounds well-known under the name PACs (for proanthocyanidins) are standardized with the standardized BL-DMAC method at minimum 13%.

  • With only 250-300 mg of NUTRIPHY® Cranberry you reach the 36 mg of PACs per day recommended to prevent UTIs.

  • The bioactivity of NUTRIPHY® Cranberry is tested by measuring the ability of the fractions to suppress agglutination of human red blood cells (HRBC) following incubation with uropathogenic P-fimbriated E. coli.

1 Cochrane Analyses. Cranberries for preventing urinary tract infections (Review). Jepson et al. 2012


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