NUTRIPHY® Bilberries

Nordic region or Europe origin?

Market challenge

Bilberries can be harvested in various places around the world, such as China, North America and Europe. Regardless of the berry origins, the market demands full traceability on the exact bilberry type:

  • Chinese variety (Vaccinium uliginosum) 

  • European wild-harvested berry (Vaccinium myrtillus)

  • American (Vaccinium corymbosum, Vaccinium angustifolium)

Chr. Hansen’s solution

Our Bilberry product range offers full documentation by using bilberries originating exclusively in Europe, with a possible further selection from Scandinavia/NORDIC region only.
We offer full traceability of plant extracts belonging to the NUTRIPHY® range all along the supply chain, from the raw materials to the final product complying with all required production standards. In addition we do not hesitate to disclose the analytical methods used to standardize the extracts, and are also opened to discuss other assays needs with our customers.

The benefits of NUTRIPHY® Bilberry

  • Wild-berries exclusively sourced from Northern Europe (Scandinavian countries) and the Carpathian Mountains with a full traceability.

  • Bilberry extract is produced employing a suitable procedure using only hydroalcoholic solvent, with all food safety guarantees

  • Identification and standardization in anthocyanins (25% and 37%) based on official HPLC analytical method for bilberry by the European Pharmacopoeia (EP 07/2008:2394 corrected 6.4)

  • Full compliance with European Rules and French plant Decree Annex II.

  • Constituents and unit operations associated with manufacture are consistent with current GMPs (21 CFR parts 110 & 111). 

  • No preservatives, flavorings or colorings are added.

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