Juices colored with fruit and vegetables

FRUITMAX® - Maximize your natural appeal

Ingredients from nature

Market challenge:

Color is an important aspect in the overall consumer appeal for specific food and beverage products. "Natural," "free-from," "low content," "healthy" etc. are all important statements on your product when consumers make their choice in the supermarket. 

Is it possible to add color while make positive claims on my product at the same time?

Chr. Hansen’s solution:

FRUITMAX® is our range of food ingredients with coloring properties. The food ingredients originate from fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices and other edible raw materials. We cover the full color spectrum from red, pink, purple, yellow, orange, brown etc. 

Benefits in FRUITMAX®

  • Create new consumer interest by replacing E-numbers with consumer friendly labeling (fruit and vegetable concentrate)
  • Re-position and revitalize your brand by adding a new consumer benefit
  • Let consumers connect emotionally with your brand by adding "better for you" ingredients
  • Enables differentiation from "me-too" and commodity products
  • Labeling is not just about declaring an ingredient. Ingredients such as FruitMax can be used strategically to differentiate your brand from a competitor's and make it the preferred choice for your target consumer.

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