Various dairy products


Products for the dairy industry - made to fit your application

Market Challenge

Color is an important aspect in the overall consumer appeal on specific food products.
Food manufactures are often faced with the challenge of obtaining the color profil customers expect for their products, since some colors lacks heat or UV/light stability.

Chr. Hansen’s solution

DAIRYMAX® is Chr. Hansen's range of natural colors specially developed to help dairy food manufactors overcome these challenges and obtain the color profile they wish using natural colors. Chr. Hansen covers the full color spectrum from red, pink, purple, yellow, orange, green, brown, black etc.

Benefits of DAIRYMAX®

In order to make sure our products fit the exacting requirements within the dairy industry, we have created a range of products named DAIRYMAX® for the following specific applications:

Each product will be tailor-made for one or more application—each depending on what is possible and relevant. Specific requirements such as UV/light resistance, heat/UHT treatment and the pH environment have been included in the product specification.

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