Glasses with yoghurt with different fruit compotes

How to avoid color migration?

CAPCOLOR® - non-migrating encapsulated natural colors

Market Challenge

Greek yogurts and other high-end products are booming in every market. The way to increase customer appeal is to increasingly deliver bi- or multiple-layers products (fruit and white mass on the top) and switching to clear cups that are attractive to consumers. Color migration from fruit to white mass is very often considered a defect (migration of color in the white mass and discoloration and browning of the fruit layer during the finished product’s shelf-life) and is becoming a challenge for fruit preparation suppliers.

Chr. Hansen’s Solutions

Through our patented technologies, we have a full range of colors (with E n°) and coloring foodstuffs (no E n°, clean label (made from fruit and vegetable extracts)) that avoids or minimizes color migration:

  • Range of CAPCOLOR® product:  encapsulating the color pigments to protect color migration from colored fruit to the white mass.
  • Range of coloring foodstuffs with minimized migration properties, allowing a clean-label declaration.

Benefit of our color solutions

  • No or low added-color migration during full shelf-life of yogurts, preserving a nice fruit and white-mass interface
  • No or low browning of the fruit layer, maintaining the maximum appeal of bright shades 
  • Allows the use of clear cups to give your product a more appealing expression

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